Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday, June 8, 2008 92 degrees again and no pool


Gideon P. said...

Justification is a holistic practice. Support for a conclusion comes not from a single line of argument, but from a host of considerations of varying degrees of strength and relevance.
- Catherine Elgin. Between the Absolute and the Arbitrary

I agree with y’all; honestly, I do. It is really hot this week, and a pool would be nice. I want to see it happen. I support it. However, sidestepping all the other relevant park considerations and questions posed on this blog does not build our argument. Reiterating the temperature and date does not build our argument, it makes us seem annoying, simple minded, and a bit crazy. I hope when we show up at the master plan meeting, we can construct more holistic arguments for an extended pool season. I hope there are more arguments for supporting an extended pool season, as I certainly have not seen them listed on here.

Anonymous said...

You don't need an extended pool season. There's nothing wrong with the way the schedule is now. Maybe it would be nicer if the pools...pools opened on June 21st instead of the 28th but since Dave Matthews Band is playing that weekend I'm glad they are not. I don't think that this Master Plan meeting is the forum to discuss something so silly and unimportant as the opening date of the pool(s). You seem to forget that there are two pool complexes in the park. This Master Plan is for bigger and better ideas that will benefit the entire facility not just one portion. And by the way you haven't even mentioned the work that is being done at the Peerless Pool!

Gideon P. said...

Can anonymous please inform me what "big and better" ideas that will benefit the "entire facility" they have in mind? Will there be a "silly" filter on the doorway coming in?

save the victoria pool society said...

The pool was always open in the past for many years with Dave Matthews and all it did was add a lot of money from concert fans paying pool admissions. Why should the whole town be punished with no pool because of one concert? The pool closed one hour early and no problems ensued for the pool.

Anonymous said...

gideon p. & save the victoria pool society:

Here's where you are wrong. I wasn't referring to this damn swimming complex I was referring to the entire park. The Victoria Pool has been "saved" how hard is that for you to understand? You seem to think that it is in need of saving because it is opening at the end of June. The pool is done it is time to focus on other more important areas that were ignored because of all the attention being given to the Victoria. An extended pool season would be a waste of everyone's time in the Master Plan.

Also, you seem to imply in your above blog that the pool is not opening that weekend because of the concert. Where and when was that ever stated? All I simply said was that I am glad both the opening and the concert aren't on the same day. And believe me the whole town isn't being punished at all, the park is after the concert goers destroy and trash anything they can. Also, the Victoria Pool isn't just for Saratogians as much as you'd like it to you should have said a lot more than a whole town.

Oh and by the way, if there was a "silly" filter on the doorway going in, none of you jokers would make it past the parking lot.

Gideon P. said...

Dear anonymous,

1. You do not know who you are talking to. I am not a memeber of this society.

2. I understood you were talking about the entire park...that was obvious.But the pool is still all you have mentioned.

3. You still did not cite any examples of master plan worthy issues. It would be good to here from you what important area were ignored. Or, are you anotherone completely unable to answer a direct question?

Anonymous said...

gideon p, since anonymous did not answer your question, let me take a stab at it, at the risk of putting words into his/her mouth.

Some worthy issues might include:
-dog park (a real one vs the current dog use area)
-karner blue butterfly area
-marking and more importantly designation of trails
-possible nature center/museum
-making the park more "green" in terms of energy useage
-dealing with concert impact
-updating facilities, and I don't mean at the expense of historic components. Something the former Regional Director didn't seem to care about.
-infrastructure deficiencies and possible solutions
-use of park owned buildings
-improvements to boat launches
-any new recreational opportunities that may warrent discussion

This is a short list that quickly comes to mind. With a group of people bouncing ideas around, I am sure the list will greatly expand. Hope this helps.

Giedon P. said...

Thank you to anonymous #2. Very nice to get sincere and straightforward feedback, and to take part in positive communication!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome! In defense of anonymous#1, it is sometimes difficult not to get frustrated with the society. They seem to have an irrational approach to the whole issue and any communication is one sided. They are either telling you how things should be or not responding at all to sincere comments or questions.