Saturday, June 21, 2008

A reader speaks on a cloudless 82 degree perfect first full day of summer, 6/21/08

Hello again,
This is Tom Marino...
and now I know why you should
never say never.

I only intended to post once but
after my first post I found myself looking to see
people's responses. It became my guilty pleasure.
I was amazed at the negativity out there! I will ask
Louise to post this as an article since I can't seem
to figure out how to get this to go through as a blog
comment. Sorry, I'm a novice.

Why would people care if the pool opens earlier? Is it
hurting them in any way? Is someone forcing them to
come and sit at the pool? Are the people that would
enjoy the pool causing them any personal distress?
I just don't understand.

No one can argue that this has been an exceptionally
warm period since Memorial Day. That is just a fact.
And, no, it may not happen every year, but it did this
year. The pool has been sitting there ready to go.
The water has been tested and it's safe.

I will repeat:
,when people are standing in line
wanting to give you money for something you have to
offer, most good business people would find a way to
let them in. Again, that's just a fact. I know we are
dealing with the state so that most likely isn't a
factor. It's not their money so there is no incentive.
As for the number of people who come and enjoy the
pool...yes, it would vary as it does all summer.
The state and our tax dollars has given us a beautiful
place to swim, eat, relax and just enjoy.
It's only natural to want to be there as many days as
possible. Why would anyone object to that?
As with so many things, I can never understand why
people go out of their way to oppose things that make
no difference in their lives, but may make a
difference in someone elses.

That being said, I am going to force myself to go back
to my regular routine and stop with the bloging. And
when I think of all the things I will be going back
to, like all of us, it's daily responsibilities of
family, work, keeping up with expenses, worrying about
the news reports and the mundane daily chores we all
deal with. When I think of all that I realize why I am
so eager to have the pool opened. I am selfish. I just
want to be at that place where I can get away from it
all for just a while, be with friends, relax and enjoy
myself. I hope my selfishness will some day get the
pool opened longer and will let the other selfish
people who enjoy the same feeling the pool gives them
to enjoy it longer.

If that is personally offensive to anyone, I do
apologize but only wish that you have your own place
to go to and get away from the daily anxiety we
sometimes feel. If you don't have a place like that,
please, come join us by the pool. We'd love to see

Thank for your time,


Helen Scott said...

Tom- I think you are missing the point. Many commenters on this blog (at least myself) are frustrated with the Save The Victoria Pool Society's high level of complaining and low level of action- complaining about opening dates does very little to "Save"anything. Furthermore, people take offense to the insults slung at state employees- while some overzealous people may claim the pool is being closed out of spite, I think that its highly unlikely; and insulting the park employees is truly offensive- I have found them to be helpful and informative. Your selfishness- with little to back it up- is incredibly frustrating to others- who also pay taxes, and maybe have other interests in the park- for example, paving the terrible parking lots at some of the picnic areas or improving the nature programs for children.

Also, while your numbers for the revenues earned seem well-justified, how could you forget to factor in the operating costs? Would the operating costs NOT eat into the "profits" you project the pool would have made?

AP Fufnik said...

I agree with Helen. Tom, you are a wonderful writer, and it makes me happy to hear that people enjoy the pool. The negativity does not stem from nice patrons like yourself. Its source is the members of this "Society" who have nothing better to do than open their maws on this blog and harass the poop out of the park employees. While you're doing your chores and balancing your paychecks, these people are sitting around not "Saving" anything...just complaining like old ladies in a beauty shop. THAT is what really ticks us "Debbie Downers" off.