Monday, June 23, 2008

A little Victoria Pool History

Many commments on this blog indicate to us that there are a lot of recent users who do not know or remember when the Victoria(formerly SPA Pool) was the only pool in Saratoga Springs for adults and children. Until the Peerless Pool was built in the mid-1960's the Victoria Pool was the only swimming pool in town.
There were three wonderful diving boards which we hoped would be restored with a deepened pool when the renovations were done with the $1.5 million in 2004&2005. There was a wonderful wide lip around the pool that many children learned to crawl on until 2004.
The lip around the pool was removed with the renovations as well as a second staircase going into the pool which was a great benefit for children and people with disabilities.
Unfortunately, the public and people who really use the pool, including many children, were not consulted when the pool was repaired.
Many comments also seem unaware that the pool water was green and filty until mid-summer 2006 even after the repairs.


Anonymous said...

I thought it had been a while since that magical number of $1.5 million was brought up...

No one is doubting that the Victoria Pool wasn't the only pool in town years ago. It may very well have had a lip around the edge and 2 wonderful staircases. I just think it is ridiculous that your group brings up "the children" as a major part of your cause. After working there in previous summers, I have learned that many of "the regulars" who visit on a daily basis hate it when children come to the pool. I can't tell you how many times this group would come up to a lifeguard or park emplyoee and complain that kids were being too loud, or even told me that marco-polo was against the rules and that I should address that.

There is one very simple reason why the pool is not open yet - the majority of the workers are still in school. To run the pool, you need lifeguards, park workers, and pool operators. I worked for 8 years in a few different parks across the state - in those 8 years, they have always opened the first Saturday after school ends. I just don't understand why you can't accept that.

Protest, petition, and complain all you want - it's not going to change.

Anonymous said...

This response is for Tom.

I want to comment on what he said about all the negativity out there. Just to be clear I don't think most of the people who blog on here have any negativity towards the pool...the negativity is towards this society. My biggest gripe is that the previous administration caved to all the commotion you created in the media and sank $1.5 million dollars of hard earned tay payer dollars (see I can say it too) into ONE FACILITY! Other beautiful areas in the park are in bad shape and ONE FACILITY gets all that attention. Now I could live with that but here's the other gripe...YOU'RE STILL NOT SATISFIED! Even after all this time, just about two years after the renovation was completed and you are still complaining and making headlines.

Also, why is it the state problem that Saratoga has no public swimming pool? That's just like that ridiculous doggie walk park that seems to be a big deal. Let the city deal with some of these problems for a change instead of acting like little babies. That "tax payer" response is just an ignorant answer when no logical thought or common sense is used.

Ben Gibbons
Saratoga Springs

Helen Scott said...

I'm not familiar with the "wonderful wide lip" of the old days, but surely allowing your infant to crawl- let alone learn to crawl- poolside is a dangerous idea?

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, the public and people who really use the pool, including many children, were not consulted when the pool was repaired."

So when the pool was repaired, you would have expected each adult and child that used the pool to be consulted about the changes to see what they wanted?

That just doesn't happen. No one asks children what they want in a new pool! If they did, we'd end up with a bounce-house, slip-n-slide, and a purple polka-dotted pool deck.

Anonymous said...

People please stop egging them on. No normal person could possibly say any of this and be serious. She's just saying all this stuff to get a rise out of people so she can keep going. It's impossible for anyone to be this dense so it has to be an act. The entire society must feed off this "debate" that goes on every time the pool is ready to open. Don't you see that blasting them back for all this stuff they say is what they want. The only way to really stop them is to ignore them. That way they can't leech onto all this gargabe and drag it out for days.

George & Phyllis A. Nylund

Anonymous said...

So you're not negative about the pool, but you're gripe is the state spent money to restore it.
And you're angry about the previous administrations actions. Then why are you complaing here? Tell them! And if you want money for the the other FACILITYS, go out there and do something about it rather than complain about the pool. I'm sure other things need to be done in the park and other people feel as you do. So,do what Louise did, spend countless hours, make an effort and get people envolved. I know it's easier to complain but it won't get you what you want. Maybe you could use Louise and what she accomplished as an incentive to get money for your cause.

Anonymous said...

LOUISE did not accomplish anything!!! Stop giving her undue credit. Furthermore, complaining and whining are NOT proper avenues to get what you want. Please, do NOT do what Louise did. If you want to actually help the park, join the Friends of Saratoga Spa State Park, or call the park office and ask to volunteer. The world does not need anymore people complaining and whining about the park.

save the victoria pool society said...

A lot of these commenters do not understand that perfect weather at the pool should not be a criteria. Many sunny/rainy days are the best ones at the pool where scores of people spend time under the magnificent harvard brick arches watching a storm pass. Often on such days, lifelong friends are made from all over the world. Ask the "Friends of SSSPark" what a special place the Victoria Pool can be in any weather. Try going to the pool more often and its magic will heal you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the pool can be great in any weather. It costs money to run the pool, regardless of the weather. However, with poor weather, less people will come to the pool. When less people come, the pool earns less money, meaning that running the pool can actually cause the state to lose your precious hard-earned taxpayer money. The state is trying to balance possible profits with the (somewhat high) costs of running the pool.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LOL...are you kiddiing!
"The state is trying to balance possible profits with the (somewhat high) costs of running the pool."
I don't know what state you live in, maybe the state of denial.
Do you read the paper, listen to the news? The state couldn't agree to cut the tax on gas for the summer, but could pass a bill to make the deposit on kegs of beer $50. instead of the previous $75. Yeah, they are walking a tightrope trying to manage our money! How do they do it?

Anonymous said...

Hey if they lowered the deposit on kegs by 25 bucks, it's probably the most constructive thing they've done this session. And since when did the "State" ever care about making a profit on anything? They take money from others and spend it. That's what they do.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I can recall that summer. They over-filled the new system and the filter didn't work. The result was a nasty collection of body and suntan oils that made the pool look a bit like massive oil tanker had burst a leak. And the bugs...And the floating band-aids...I was frankly curious that DOH didn't shut it down again.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean again?