Thursday, June 26, 2008

And work on the Peerless Pool was not done in the Fall because?????!!!!!!

Peerless Pool
opening delayed
by rehab work
SARATOGA SPRINGS — The Peerless Pool at Saratoga Spa State Park will not open Saturday, as earlier scheduled, because of ongoing rehabilitation work, state park officials said Wednesday.
Wet weather in June is being blamed on the delay. However, the Victoria Pool, which is also located in the state park, will open at 10 a.m. Saturday as scheduled, according to regional parks director Alane Ball Chinian.
A new liquid rubber membrane liner is being installed in the Peerless Pool to replace the deteriorating pool surface. The $168,000 project will improve the durability and appearance of the pool as well as eliminate water leakage and improve footing for swimmers.
The new liner must be applied to a dry surface and the liquid rubber membrane requires five days of dry weather to cure, according to a park statement.
Local weather conditions will determine when this process has been satisfactorily completed and the popular Peerless Pool can be filed with water and opened for swimming, the statement said.
The improvements to the Peerless Pool are among many construction projects being funded through a $132 million state parks revitalization program, Chinian said. The revitalization money will also provide improvements to the bike and pedestrian trail along the Avenue of the Pines and road and parking lot resurfacing throughout the park.
“We appreciate the patience of our park patrons while these important projects are under construction,” Chinian said in a prepared statement. “The unfortunate shortterm disruptions will be offset by long-term benefits of these projects to the park.”


Anonymous said...

They didn't do it in the fall because they don't care!

Anonymous said...

They're bureaucrats and political appointees. And they don't have to answer to you or anyone like you who dares to criticize their genius. I'm not talking about those who actually work in the park. I'm talking about the "brains" behind this ongoing incompetence.

They managed to replace the pool in Thacher park wih a hole for two summers. Now they can't get Peerless open.

Of course they will have schills defending them. But it's obvious there is something wrong with their management.

Anonymous said...

Nothing but complaints from this "group"...
I personally can not wait to hear the voices of screaming kids at the vic!!! MARCO??? POLO!!!! After all this complaining about not having the vic open... and using the kids as a "sob story" about a closed pool. i think its only fair that you have to share your beloved pool with the kids and peerless swimmers, until the peeless can be completed!

If you want things done in a certain way... i recommend you get up at 5 and start volunteering... instead of waking up and complaining from the comfort of your couch. Get up and do something, besides complain!!!