Sunday, May 31, 2009

Save the Victoria Pool Society went public after many years of quietly meeting with NYS Park administrators.Victoria Pool was falling apart by 2003.

Some of your comments lead us to believe you do not understand what bad shape the Victoria Pool was in by 2003. For many years Save the Victoria Pool Society members quietly met with Saratoga Spa State Park administrators alarmed at the steady deterioration and nothing was done. We went public only after our pleas were ignored year after year.


Anonymous said...

These photos prove nothing, they were obviously taken after the repairs began. The place certainly didn't just sit open like this.

george said...

Louise had everything to do with fixing the pool. To bad the politicians overpaid their favorite contractors and the repairs were so expensive. You have a bunch of life guards working on there Poker skills at moreau lake, you could at least ship a couple down here on weekends, or maybe they don’t like the fact the Victoria pool doesn’t have a picnic table for them to hang out on.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree Louise had everything to do with fixing the pool. She got down on her hands and knees with a hammer and nails and just made magic. Don't make me laugh..nagging, whining and making an ass of yourself in the press are hardly the qualities of a hero.

george said...

And hateful disingenuous statements make you a hero?

george said...

I only wish I was the contractor who got the job. He skimmed enough off the top for a beach house in Miami.

Anonymous said...

Well unlike Louise Goldstein, you George and the rest of the crowd I am not running around claiming to be a hero or that I "saved" anything. And it's always the way when people are wrong and have nothing intelligent to say they start slinging crazy and insane accusations....crooked contractors...get a grip.

george said...

No you simply insult everyone, gladly write your checks to the state of NY and sleep well at night knowing that big brother {new york state} is taking care of everything. Sleep well tonight for soon your be having nightmares.

Just wait until you find out how much more money you are going to have to cough up because of these huge losses in the public employee retirement funds.

The ship of state is a ship of fools just go for a drive and count the left over winter potholes.

But not you Anonymous, just keep repeating very slowly

All is well.

All is well.

Time to get serious said...

What’s insane is a Million and a half dollar’s for some tile work, A few masons and some flowers.


If you seriously can’t see the troubles were in you are a dinosaur and with state spending the way it is soon to be extinct.

Back to basics
1. One life guard two on weekends
2. The staff to open up the pools, there already hanging around doing nothing.
3. Just do it or quit.

I checked the New York State dept of labor today not one bit of information about jobs at Parks

Time to give jobs to real people. People who need the money to feed families and who will be happy to work.

Enough of political patronage hacks and rich children killing time before the next semester at Yale.

Rich and loving it. said...

How dare any of you peasants complain about a public pool. Personally I wouldn’t let the unwashed masses clean my Rolls much less share water with them. Be gone, you annoy me.

Anonymous said...

Ok...I give up. I am not going to argue anymore. You're wrong George, your way of thinking is one percent absolutely dead wrong but I just realized in all seriousness that I have wasted the past few days of my life fighting on this blog about something so unimportant. Forgive me I lost my closing though I hope that article in the Saratogian was wrong...hooray for the 27th.

george said...

You are right I am "one percent absolutely dead wrong" and 99 percent right.

I wish you the best I really do.The next year or two will be rough and many things will change.I'm afraid this welfare state for government workers is coming to an end and many will suffer but they brought on themselves.

Anonymous said...


Who were the contractor(s)?

Anonymous said...

All of this going into the past is so unnecessary. Right in the year 2009 everything is fine with the pool. Unless you are saying it isn't in great shape. Why are you always looking for more, why can't you just enjoy what is? The place is as beautiful as love and sunshine. Why soil it?

George said...

The pool tile is very slippery particularly when wet. Yea really good pick for a pool. After a lawsuit it will probably have to be replaced.

To the answer to the second person. No I no longer have the list. They spread the money out which is the usual Modus operandi for State contracts. Then some contractors bid out the work to sub contractors who are the lowest bidder and pocket the money while never really doing any work. That is usually the reason for such shoddy work.

And yes believe or not it’s all legal kind off, sometimes it gets into a gray area like Joe Bruno found out.

Anonymous said...

The victoria pool people only want money spent on the pool, when any other part of the park is improved they complain about the cost. Enjoy your multi-million dollar pool for 3 months a year.