Saturday, May 23, 2009

tree nursery still needs saving

Tree nursery’s fate uncertain
The Saratoga County Board of Supervisors threw their support behind the Saratoga Tree Nursery earlier this week.

The reason: state officials have indicated the nursery may be shuttered as a way to help close the budget gap. The 250-acre nursery, with a staff of ten, commands a budget of around $750,000 which is offset by $250,000 in revenue.

County officials, in their resolution, said state officials should address the nursery’s business plan to “make it more self supporting.” They also said buying trees from other sources will cost the state more than they can save by shutting down the operation.

The nursery, adjacent to Saratoga Spa State Park, once produced as many as 15 million seeds a year for reforestation efforts across the state. They now produce around 1.5 million seeds a year.

David Lee, the nursery manager, told the Post Star in January that the facility was being “strongly looked at” for closure. Today, he said it remains unclear if state officials will move to shut down the facility, which opened in 1902 and is the last remaining state-run nursery.

“At this point, we’re still operating as normal,” Lee said.

Photo: Forester Michael Echnter shows a button bush seed sample while technician Mike Svoboda takes a break from sorting seeds at nursery in January.

– Drew Kerr

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Anonymous said...

It is very nerve wrenching knowing that it is Memorial Day weekend and you haven't pulled any of your stunts yet. I know what sinister means your group goes to in order to ruin lives, reputations and are planning something and what ever it is it will probably blow all to hell. Your kind of bullying just to get a swimming pool open is cruel. You play with people's lives and you sling mud. It's disgusting.

george said...

Sounds like a state worker got yelled at

BoHo. I was at moreau state park today six count them six life guards. Five people in the water five life guard’s playing cards. The only thing being played with was a pair of tens .The pool should be open it’s that simple. You not doing me any favors by just doing your job if not well, at least adequately if you won’t do it quit. I’m sure there is some unemployed soul who would love too.

Anonymous said...

"George" represents all the evil I was talking about.

george said...

What Anonymous appears to have is no clear political view except that the Parks should be loved and trusted by everyone and questioned by no one. Sorry but the public has grown restless with state government waste, and that resentment is growing dally.