Friday, May 15, 2009

We do not understand why the Victoria Pool cannot be opened for Memorial Day? It is filled and ready to go.

King of the Victoria Pool and Board Member, Stanton, enjoying being poolside. The pool is filled and just needs algae cleaned up on the bottom. It should be opened as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

I kinda of wish he fell in....

George said...


BALLSTON SPA —Some good news for village kids: The public swimming pool in Kelley Park will open two weeks earlier this year, weather permitting, and fees will stay the same as last summer.

The pool is scheduled to open at noon June 13, with weekend hours and a shortened schedule on weekdays, trustee Donna Thomas told the Village Board Monday night. The hours will be “weather-driven. If it’s 60 degrees and there’s not anyone in the water,” the pool will close, she said.

Sign-ups for summer swimming lessons will be held from 9 a.m. to noon June 27 and 28. Information will be sent home from the schools and will be posted on village bulletin boards.

More than 500 children usually take lessons. Despite increased costs for payroll, chlorine and other pool expenses, fees won’t go up. “We‘d love to raise them,” said Thomas, but in today’s economy, rates will stay the same.

Two years ago, the board voted to increase the price for a seasonal pool pass from $25 to $35, but kept the daily pool rate of $2.

Anonymous said...

You state that the pool should open now...does anyone else notice that the "king" of the pool is wearing a SWEATER in this picture?

Moreau's open...go there

and please stay there

all summer

Thank you.

George Duell said...

I am in agreement that the Victoria Pool should open on Memorial Day weekend. This is one of Saratoga's most precious and historic gems. All of us Saratogians and tourists alike should be able to enjoy the Vic for as long as possible with our season being much too short in this part of the country. I also feel the opening each year needs to be better publicized.
Stanton, you need to work on you tan.... See you soon.
George Duell

Ula said...

I think Anonymous works for our state gov't.

Anonymous said...

how about we just leave it open all year and fire all the lifeguards..but then what would you people have to complain about?