Sunday, May 10, 2009

House at Saratoga Spa State Park being leased by Private Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs

We assume the private Waldorf School is paying for the renovations to 45 Kadeross Ave. part of Saratoga Spa State Park(road behind pj's bar-b-q). They have leased the property for a year round "forest kindergarten" for their students.

The public is very upset that several cutbacks to Saratoga Spa State Park are affecting both public pools this summer.
Fiscal difficulties will close the Peerless Pool on Tuesdays in 2009 and close both the Victoria and Peerless Pools one hour early. Rumor also has it that the Victoria Pool fee is being raised to $8. It is already the most expensive State pool admission at $6.


Anonymous said...

"and close both the Victoria and Peerless Pools one hour early."

This sentence is missing something...ON THE WEEKENDS. Both pools had the hours 10-6 during the week.

George said...

You know I called Moreau state park, they will open their beach Memorial Day onward 7 days a week .On many of those days before school is out I will be the only one on the beach with my own life guard sometimes two. I am happy the beach will be open but if they have all this money and can staff the beach 7 days a week for all of June why can’t they open the pool at least on weekends?

Anonymous said...

What for? We get an extra week this summer...Labor Day isn't until September 7th.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up and your be lucky if we open the pool at all.

The State Of New York.

save the victoria pool society said...

Are you speaking for nys parks?

Anonymous said...

again leaving out the fact that you don't have to pay the park entrance fee to get to the victoria pool, so it's really not the most expensive pool admission in the state