Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's raining Chairs, Chairs, everywhere.

Saratoga Spa State Park we understand is busy buying $200+ apiece fancy chairs for the ice cream parlor instead of opening Victoria Pool. Let's see-70 chairs times $225 each comes to over $15,000. We are predicted to have the third beautiful weather weekend in a row since Memorial Day.


Anonymous said...

How do you know that Katherine's didn't purchase the chairs for the parties they host in that room?

george said...

When will the madness end?

Spent a wonderful day at Moreau State beach today.

Got there at 1:30 me and five life guards that was it . Might have been more but that’s all I saw. At one point two joined me in the water and one took the boat out for a spin. Later out of sheer boredom a couple of them played Frisbee. They are nice kids and they aren’t neglecting there duties, they just don’t have any.

The question that bother me so.

They keep Moreau open 7 days a week they say it’s for the campers.

Using that logic why isn’t Victoria pool open? It is the Pool for the Gideon Putman don’t they deserve the same as campers? Every hotel in Saratoga has their pool open.

Now another question.

Why don’t they advertise?
Has anyone in New York Government ever heard of marketing?

How many people even know Moreau is open? Americade is starting in Lake George, do the bikers even know it’s open. The campground was empty today. Sometimes I really think they want to lose money then they can cut back services and not take any blame. they just put their noses in the air and blame the public claiming lack of demand.

Anyone knows you can’t throw a party and forget to invite people and then complain when nobody comes.