Friday, April 24, 2009

saratoga spa busy putting in lots of toilets everywhere and cutting down many healthy looking trees.

In these very tough economic times, NYS Parks apparently decided being able to swim for a reasonable fee in upstate New Yorks very short summer of June, July and August is not their priority. They never consult the public whose taxes pay for the Parks.


George said...

“He hates these cans! Stay away from the cans!”
The Jerk. Steve Martin

We hate these trees! Stay away from the Trees.

The folly in the park. New York State

Anonymous said...

I have heard NYS parks sometimes opens their pools and beaches early when it is very hot. I think I heard someone say they were doing so at Saratoga this weekend?

Anonymous said...

oh yeah? and where exactly are these toilets? Once again you lie.

George said...

I hate to flush your toilet Chief but I’ll tell you how this crap works.

Politicians and State administrators love to give out fat contracts to favorite and connected contractors who do bloated and crappy work.

In this small park alone I will give you some examples..
Last years Peerless pool contract that was over budget and late and kept the pool closed for half the season.

They have a million lousy excuses like rain.

“Hey who new it rains in upstate NY in the summer I’m from Arizona.”

The painting of SPAC’S amphitheatre that is peeling after a few years is another.

“Hey how was I supposed to know it would be exposed to sub zero weather I m from Florida.”

How we have a chainsaw happy tree contractor cutting down everything in sight. Along with another one who is replacing all the public toilets in the Park that are using low grade plumping fixtures that will fail in a year or two.

You are asking why would a broke State throw its money away?



These contractors through their union funds or through professional organizations funnel money directly to political campaigns or through political PAC’S.

In other worse cases the contractors are friends or relatives of politicians or Park Administrators.

It is in nobody’s interest to do what is best for the Public or the Park system and that is why our last three governors have been.

Pataki a lazy and corrupt Republican who came out of office rich.

Governor Spitzer a Democrat who spent his time chasing prostitutes.

But hey at least he’s not the Craig’s list killer.

And now Patterson a complete Moron.

While corruption has existed throughout times in all societies, currently it has particularly devastating impact in this bad economy. In the simplest terms corruption is defined as ‘use of public office for private gains and not what is in the best interest of the public.

That is why the State Parks are such a mess.