Friday, April 10, 2009

Closing Peerless Pool on Tuesdays when the track is "dark" and it is the most crowded makes no sense unless Parks doesn't need the money.

By PAUL POST, The Saratogian
SARATOGA SPRINGS — Spa State Park’s Peerless Pool will be closed Tuesdays this summer, one of many cutbacks announced Thursday in the face of the state’s fiscal crisis.The Victoria Pool will remain open seven days per week.Elsewhere in Saratoga County, Peebles Island State Park’s visitor center will be closed Mondays and Tuesdays. It was previously open six days per week.Throughout the Saratoga-Capital Region, impacts include partial beach closings, shortened camping seasons and reduced historic site operations."State parks, like all state agencies, are responding to the current economic realities," Commissioner Carol Ash said. "We have been charged with making many difficult decisions. By concentrating the changes to the shoulder seasons, off-peak hours or facilities where similar services are available nearby, we hope to minimize the impact on our patrons."Statewide, about 100 parks and historic sites will be affected, but no parks will be closed outright and daily entrance fees are not going up.In addition to Spa State Park and Peebles Island, several other sites are impacted inthe Saratoga-Capital Region.They are:ä Cherry Plain State Park — Swimming beach closed Monday and Tuesday. Campground will open late (July 4) and close early (Sept. 7).ä Grafton Lakes State Park — Swimming beach closed Wednesday and Thursday.ä Max V. Shaul State Park — Shortened campground season. Open Memorial Weekend only, reopening July 4 through Labor Day.ä Thompson Lake State Park — Swimming beach closed Tuesday and Wednesday.ä Historic sites — Shortened seasons, reduced hours and/or reduced programming at Crown Point, Johnson Hall, Schuyler Mansion and Bennington Battlefield Historic Sites.


Anonymous said...

Figures the state is taking more and giving less. This foolishness.

Anonymous said...

How very odd, I don't hear any praise for the little sentence that says the Victoria Pool will remain open seven days a week. They were smart enough to see that for the great money maker it is. Your negativity during these extremely hard times only makes things worse.

george hearn said...

How would you all know how busy the peerless pool gets? From personal experience, the peerless pool barely gets any tourists so your observation that closing the pool on a Tuesday (dark day) is 100% invalid. Good luck trying to discredit that.