Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SPAC Ballet attendance figures for 2008, Albany Times Union

Attendance, revenue drop at SPAC ballet

Staff reports
Last updated: 3:53 p.m., Wednesday, July 30, 2008
The New York City Ballet's residency at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center ended its 2008 season with a 6 percent drop in attendance from last year, according to preliminary figures.
SPAC Executive Director Marcia J. White said in a written statement that audiences were still enthusiastic about the ballet this year, crediting promotions like "American Girl Night" and "Sports Night" for bringing in spectators. This year's season ran from July 8 to 26.

"Yet, impacting our bottom line was the fact that high gas and food prices have left many people struggling financially," White said. "That is a reality that is affecting virtually every segment of our economy and the arts are no exception."

Overall, attendance at the ballet was 42,354, and the total income was $1,176,442, a 2 percent drop from last year.

Despite the down figures from last year, White did find successes in the season.

Due to the ``Free Children on the Lawn'' program, SPAC saw a 64 percent jump in children attending performances, resulting in 1,162 kids in total taking in classical ballet. Also, ``West Side Story Suite's'' attendance neared 10,000, making it the highest-attended event of the season.

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Anonymous said...

what does this have to do with the pool?

save the victoria pool society said...

The success of SPAC, the ballet, track and all things Saratoga affect Saratoga SPa State Park.

LoveIsPeerless said...

The ballet's free child admission is wonderful for all local people, even children can learn to enjoy the arts!!

Anonymous said...

Your concern for children is admirable. It's something this group could take a few lessons from.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree why does the Victoria pool society never think of the children. It seems that children should be the main focus, since mainly children and the youth swim in the pool