Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Peerless lifeguards await opening?

Eleven, 11, LIFEGUARDS at Victoria Pool waiting for the Peerless to open, July 9, 2008.


Anonymous said...

I’ve been sitting back reading these comments and I’ve had enough. Louise is to nice to windbag state workers.

1st Children do not belong in Victoria Pool. It is not fair to them. Got that CHIEF.

2nd It is too deep too small and has no grassy area for them be have fun and behave like children. Victoria has a capacity for 300 Peerless 1000. Got that CHIEF

3rd Those children paid good money for that swim program and they are being screwed in a too small and unsafe environment.

4th I’ve got every right to bitch they spent million CHIEF Millions on Peerless Pool to make a Children’s paradise and their incompetence screwed that up BIGTIME.

5th The whole Park is a mess play golf lately CHIEF.


7th If this were the private sector they would be on the street last week!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

“Eleven, 11, LIFEGUARDS at Victoria Pool.”

THIS MAKES ME LAUGH THEN CRY. This is our money being flushed down the toilet.


Anonymous said...

How do you think this will look?

July 15 2008

Debacle at Queen of SPA’S

By Fred Dicker

Get you act together fast boys or heads will role.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so THATS how you spell eleven. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I feel better knowing Fred Dicker is looking into this nightmare, Maybe he can get the New York State Attorney General Andrew M Cuomo to take a good hard look at the bidding practices at the Park and this incompetent contractor.

Why was a pool liner that needs 5 dry days chosen? Was the supplier politically connected? Were their cheaper alteratives available? Remember this is our money and we deserve answers.

Anonymous said...

Children do not belong at the Victoria Pool? It's not fair to them? Well the first part is your opinion and the second part is a lot of clam dip! You just don't want them there and you don't like having them there. Because you are, just like everyone in this society a hypocrite. Who the hell do you think you are dictating who belongs anywhere? Now what if we said idiots and snobs don't belong at the Victoria Pool? How would you feel?

You have absolutely no grounds to say that anyone was screwed out of anything regarding the swimming lessons because that is once again your opinion and I'm sure you could find a room full of people who will tell you how wrong you are.

The whole park is a mess? Again your wrong opinion. The park roads and pavilion parking lots are in the best shape they've been in since..well...quite a while. The area between the administration building and the hall of springs/Roosevelt baths is glorius especially on a breezy day like today.

You're so full of it, if there weren't more children frequenting the Victoria Pool you wouldn't give a cat's tongue that the Peerless wasn't open.

Take the "moeny" you are "taking" about and go get a spelling lesson.


U.N. Owen

Anonymous said...

DEAR U.N. Owen.

You serve your masters well, how’s things in the Administration building or let me guess your wife son nephew, HELL probably the whole families on the State dole. You could make an excuse if the pool was closed for years like you and your cronies managed to do in Thatcher Park. The press is on to your bidding scam I’ll see you in THE POST

Anonymous said...

Oh struck a nerve didn't I? You need professional help. You are so paranoid that you can't accept the fact that there are a few people who laugh at you and your vicious accusations. Why do you think that anyone who blogs something in defense of the state has to be an employee? Anyone with a brain can tell that you're so out of touch with reality you don't even know what planet you're on. Do you hear bidding scam...get some help! What exactly is the scam? Get the most expensive contractor and then have them screw up so the pool doesn't open on time? How is that a scam?

And I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm not an employee of the state. So you won't see me in the Post...I hope that wasn't a threat by the way, because if it was it was pathetic. No I'm just one of the normal people speaking out against the poisonous, cancerous, ugliness and insanity that spews off this blog.

U.N. Owen

Anonymous said...

Paranoid,vicious,pathic,poisonous,cancerous,ugliness, and
insane... LOL, sounds like the pot calling the kettel black!
I think there are more than a few people that are laughing at your post thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

That's just like a member of this society, don't address any rebuttle or alternate opinion just respond by changing the subject or name calling.

Stop blogging and get to the pool...only seven weeks left to let the magic heal you...CHIEF!

Anonymous said...

See, you can be nice when you try. Thank you for the kind thought, I am going to the pool and it does heal me.
Peace and love to you too.

Anonymous said...

It seems U.N. Owen is the president of the Destroy the Victorian pool society. So Owen does it always upset you this much when your family members who work for the State are criticized. How dare we mere mortals question the the great and all powerful State Park system. Whose hard working members spend their entire winter doing lawn mower maintenance in a heated garage. We are not worthy please forgive us.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:58 AM wrote
“Stop blogging and get to the pool...only seven weeks left to let the magic heal you...CHIEF!”

That’s the point Chief, 7 weeks left and peerless is still closed.

Hey Chief, you by any chance aren’t the rocket scientist in charge of the nightmare on South Broadway which was closed again today.

Anonymous said...

I want to know what the deal is with the weather, why can't those good for nothing state workers get off their butts and make it sunny?!?! And also what is the deal with them letting those pesky little kids into the vic pool? I mean its not like it is a public pool opperated by the state!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes Owen when I read your comments I can just see you spiting coffee out your teeth kind of like Spitzer used to when Bruno dared challenged Governor Steamroller or should I say ex-Governor.

Anonymous said...

Owen wrote
“Why do you think that anyone who blogs something in defense of the state has to be an employee?”

Owen that’s not true you could just be insane.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:11 PM
Who wrote
“I want to know what the deal is with the weather”

Your attempt at sarcasm is lame. What’s up with the weather? NOTHING its normal. That’s the problem the state should have foreseen the weather would be a problem and used an alterative product. But wait that would have only been possible if someone from the state actually cared. THAT’S THE REAL JOKE HERE THEY DON’T

Everybody gets paid the contractor, Hell lets give him a bonus. The administrators

"Brownie you're doing a hell of a job"
Remember that quote in Hurricane Katrina's aftermath?

I can just see someone now saying our Park Administrators are doing a hell of a job.

There not folks there not.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the scariest sentence in the English Language?

“I’m from the Government and I’m here to help”

Folks we expect too little from our government and even when those limited expectations can’t be met we have put up with it for to long. It is time to hold the Park management responsible for their incredible bad management and bad decisions.

Anonymous said...

This is why we must ask questions. This crap goes on every day, they usually don’t get caught

Colonie workers suspended in paving project probe

By TIM O'BRIEN, Staff writer
Last updated: 5:17 p.m., Friday, July 11, 2008
COLONIE -- The town suspended two public works supervisors today over their alleged roles in the use of public crews to make improvements at a private club.

William Neeley and Thomas Romano were suspended without pay for 30 days pending a public hearing into their case, said Town Supervisor Paula Mahan. She declined to discuss the exact charges, though she confirmed their suspensions are connected to work by town crews at the private West Albany Rod & Gun Club.

Anonymous said...

"How dare we mere mortals question the the great and all powerful State Park system. Whose hard working members spend their entire winter doing lawn mower maintenance in a heated garage."

This statement is so offensive to state workers it's ridiculous. This is more like it "...whose hard working members spend their entire winter going to college or working other full time jobs". The badmouthing of state employee's MUST stop. I'd like you to tell one of those teenagers that they're "windbag state workers" and use sarcasm to degrade how hard they work. some of these kids work 40+ hours a week AS TEENAGERS!!!! how many 17/18 year olds do you know that do that ALL SUMMER LONG?

Anonymous said...

You must be from “Planet Rich and Happy”
But this is earth Chief. I have a Ukrainian friend {She is just 18 and 5000miles from home} who along with her friends bike to town from an overpriced house in Wilton to Skidmore were they clean Bathrooms from 8 To 4;30,Then bike to South Broadway and then slave at McDonalds from 5till 11 at night for minimum wage.

They would kill to work at the Park.

But see chief their not connected, They don’t have mommy in her gas guzzling SUV to taxi them around. So don’t give me this crap about how hard our gum smacking teenage children work. Wait till they get to the real world.

Anonymous said...

“The badmouthing of state employee's MUST stop”

Why junior might have his feeling hurt?
When State workers turn in an adequate {notice I didn’t say good I’m a realist} day’s work the criticism will stop.

Anonymous said...

You're a disgusting bigot! You are prejudice against children number one and you are insulting thousands of people because you have a bug up your nose about the meaningless Spa Park number two. Whatever happened to not judging an entire group of people based on the actions of a few? That's like me saying just because you're stupid all Victoria Pool lovers are stupid.

Have you ever stopped to talk to any of the people that work at the pool or in the entrance booths? They work long hours in extreme temperatures many days a week and they virtually get peanuts so your Ukrainian friend doesn't have to kill anyone because the grass isn't any greener.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:29 AM Wrote

“You're a disgusting bigot!”

Lenin Wrote

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth. “

So I criticize State Workers I must be a Bigot

So I criticize State Workers I must hate children

So I criticize State Workers I must hate PUPPIES NEXT.

So when is your next meeting of the DESTROY THE VICTORIAN POOL SOCIETY?

Anonymous said...

many of the kids at the state park work 2 jobs over the summer, bought their own car to get to work and pay for their own gas and insurance. do you really think the kids working at the pools/booths are rich chief? don't blame them for getting a good job, i'm sure if your ukranian friend applied for a job at the state park she would be more than welcome. got that chief? the fact that you badmouth some of these kids leads me to believe that you've never actually spoken to ANY of them other than "don't put my wristband on too tight". do you have any idea how many teenagers in america DON'T work? don't rag on these kids, they havn't done anything to earn your hurtful words exceot work

Anonymous said...

Get professional help!

Anonymous said...

problem solved...maybe some of those terrible little teenage lifeguards shouldn't do their job as well as they do, and you'll have fewer of those annoying little children running around, ruining your perfect victoria pool.
everyone would be happy then, right?

Anonymous said...

I speak to the kids all the time. Many are bright enough to know they are lucky to have this job and are not flipping burgers.

Many laugh at the boss’s incompetence. Some are simply embarrassed. Working at the pool used to instill a sense of bride now just shame to have ones name associated with this level of incompetence, kind of like working for the Bush administration.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that could make these kids any prouder then working for the State Park system to work for that other great role model Eliot Spitzer.

Anonymous said...

Well you limousine liberals are the ones who elected the low life degenerate creep so you got exactly what you deserved.

Eddie said...

alright I am so sick of you people bad mouthing state employees. I don't care if this gets linked back to me because I need to stand up for myself. I work for sssp as a pool attendant. In other words
I am the kid who puts your wrist bands on, answers your questions, Smiles at you and tells you to have fun even when you are being nasty to me for no reason. I listen to your petty complaints and still tries to see what I can do for you.
the state treats me pretty well, the hours maybe long and it is always very hot but I don't complain because I know I am lucky to be working here instead of at a burger joint.
I work 40 hours a week here but I also work 2 other jobs so that I can afford to pay for insurance for the car that I bought and so I can pay for my own gas. And with any money that I have left over I will use to pay for books this fall at college.
Excuse my language but I work my butt off at all my jobs and when I see and hear people like yourselves trash talking and bad mouthing me, what I do, and the great people I work for it really does hurt and it is so childish of you all between the name calling and the blame game you are worse than a 3 year old. I mean I am only 17 and I am more of an adult than you all act.
so next time you all want to make fun of state workers remember that we are human too.

nismo boy said...

This is just sad... I mean come on need to tell Andrew to put away that god damn iPhone and look at whats happening first. These lifeguards were sitting on the bench for only about.. no even less than a minute before they got in the water for their training. You people seriously need to get lives... Because you know what..this little game of yours has nearly driven poor Bobby over the edge...this makes him look bad regardless of whether or not the story is true... Its his first year as head life guard and the least you people could do is cut him some slack.