Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rally to open Victoria Pool As soon as POSSIBLE

Save the Victoria Pool Society needs your help to let NYS Parks know that an end of June opening of the Victoria Pool is outrageous. Your taxpayer dollars recently paid $1.5 million to save the Victoria Pool and it is opened later every year for a variety of excuses that change daily. One-third of our precious summer is over by the end of June and the traditional opening date is Memorial Day.
Join us in your bathing suits(optional but preferred) with signs on:
Saturday, May 24 at 5PM in front of Mrs. Londons, 464 Broadway, Saratoga Springs.

or Call:
NYS Parks:518-486-1868
Senator Bruno:518-455-3191


Anonymous said...

Don't know if we can come up, but we will support you in spirit!

--Little Carol, and Becky

Anonymous said...

Oh don't bother it won't help them any!

Little Carol said...

Funny how so many of the detractors of the Society are anonymous!

--Little Carol