Thursday, May 22, 2008

Can't wait until Saturday... Come join us.


Sinister said...

As a state employee I must say that your sign "You got 1.5 million, can we have our pool" is very offensive. You almost imply that we pocketed the money. And for crying out loud you'll get "your" damn pool nobody else wants it!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...the person's blog name is "sinister" and they're a state worker...ha ha ha that fits!!!!

All this park staff does is pump out lie after lie. If the clowns can't get a pool open by Memorial Day then they're a bunch of idiots.

Pila said...

I wish you well in your efforts.

I just don't understand the hostility that is directed toward your group and its members. I could understand indifference because I'm sure some folks just don't care. But the hostility I see in some of these comments is simply not rational. What possible down side could anyone see in opening Victoria Pool on the official opening weekend of the Summer season?

The fact that bureaucrats are allowed to keep multi million dollar facilities, that generate income for the State, closed for virtually ten months out of the year is both astonishing and appalling.

The idea that beaches in State parks open on Memorial day weekend (the traditional beginning of the Summer season), but the pools must wait until June 28, doesn't seem to make much sense unless one believes the weather is suitable for a day at the beach at Memorial day, but not a day at the pool.

I've heard some say it's a problem getting life guards because of school schedules. But the notion that students should comprise the bulk of these employees in each community is simply absurd. The are many fit, able bodied adults who have the skill to do the job.

Victoria Pool has previously opened on the Memorial day weekend and has remained open on the weekends through September.

The members of the Victoria Pool Society are not requesting any revolutionary change. They simply want an operating policy hat benefited many members of the
community, and harmed no one, restored.

This seems to be too much for the bureaucrats to bear. They seem disinterested in what may benefit members of the community and decree the pools open later each year. I believe they do this ,simply because they can.

Who knows? Next year they may delay opening the pools until after Independence Day weekend. That's when many of the Summer day camps begin sessions. And why open before they can fill up many of the State pools during the week?

Nightwing said...

Did something happen to the big protest? I went by Broadway around 6:10pm and nothing was happening...hmmm a little too cold to be parading around in your bathing suits I guess. Let's face facts here...underneath all this stern and tough talk you're just a bunch of kids swimsuits crying for your precious swimming'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic...ah what the heck I'll laugh anyway...HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Anonymous said...

The hostiliy directed towards the group is for a very good reason. Up until this "protest" on Broadway, this "society" has done absolutely nothing other than complain about the park. They have done nothing proactive other than whine to park employees, without any suggestions or ideas to raise money to improve the pool, not even a bake sale. Also, dont even get me started on calling all park employees "bureaucrats".