Friday, December 07, 2012

maybe SPAC could ask APPLE for a few bucks to Save the New York City Ballet at SPAC.

Rumors are rampant that Apple,APPLE, as in Steve Jobs-RIP, the largest and richest company in the world is coming to Saratoga County......and SPAC is decimating the greatest ballet company in the world in Saratoga, the New York City Ballet.  They are dancing ONLY  5 days in 2013 and nothing certain for the future.  Surely, Saratoga County is being promoted for its great cultural offerings.  What is SPAC doing to continue that reputation?  Not much.  Article in today's Saratogian below:

SPAC unveils 2013 classical program dates; will break even in 2012

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Saratoga Performing Arts Center on Thursday unveiled its classical programming for 2013 that includes one week of New York City Ballet and two other ballet companies.

The schedule opens on June 29-30 with the Freihofer’s Saratoga Jazz Festival and runs through August, which includes the Philadelphia Orchestra and Saratoga Chamber Music Festival.

SPAC also announced that it will break even financially in 2012, its eighth straight year of operating in the black.

“In 2013, more than 700 classical artists will be part of our season and more than 130 masterpieces will be performed live,” Marcia White, SPAC’s president and executive director, said in a statement.

However, next year marks the first time ever that the financially-plagued New York City Ballet will have a one-week Saratoga residency. The dance company lost $1.1 million and saw attendance drop 4 percent at SPAC this year.

In addition, the ballet cost SPAC more money this year than it did in 2008, when it still had a three-week summer season. One cause was the high cost of producing elaborate performances of “Romeo & Juliet.” Trucking, lighting and labor were some of the main expenses.

Overall, SPAC’s programming costs rose about 10 percent this year — roughly $400,000.

SPAC’s board on Thursday approved an $8.4 million budget for 2013.

Ticket sales pay for less than half the ballet and orchestra’s residencies. SPAC makes up the difference with membership fees, corporate sponsorships and individual gifts.

SPAC Chair Susan Philips Read has said she would like to get the ballet back for two weeks beginning in 2014. Next year, two other companies will make up for New York City Ballet’s shorter season. They are the National Ballet of Canada and Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Continued...

Next Thursday, SPAC will make the first in a series of online programming announcements, called “Building a Season.” Each week, a selection of artists, works and events that are part of next year’s season will be announced at the website

By announcing programming online, SPAC can highlight each artist with streamed videos, YouTube interviews, photo galleries, media articles and reviews. A similar initiative, which debuted last year, increased off-season traffic to SPAC’s website by nearly 60 percent, White said.

The website had more than 1 million visitors this year, highlighting the importance of modern electronic marketing strategies. In addition to its website, SPAC will publicize the weekly announcements through digital channels including Facebook, Twitter, email and its digital sign on Route 50.

“The format and timing of ‘Building of a Season’ encourages people to explore the breadth and depth of that artistry, which ultimately enhances appreciation of the programs they’ll experience here at SPAC,” White said. “In this digital age, the series is also a powerful tool for educating people about the classical performing arts, which is a key component of SPAC’s mission.”

2013 SPAC classical program schedule

  • June 29-30 — Freihofer’s Saratoga Jazz Festival
  • July 9-13 — New York City Ballet
  • July 16-18 — National Ballet of Canada
  • July 24-25 — Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
  • Aug. 7-24 — Philadelphia Orchestra
  • Aug. 4-20 — Saratoga Chamber Music Festival
  • July 19-Aug. 3 — Live at the Algonquin Cabaret Series

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