Wednesday, July 18, 2012

saratoga city council resolution to support continued at least 2 week residency of new york city ballet at spac.

City Council urges SPAC to maintain at least a two-week NYC Ballet seasonPublished: Wednesday, July 18, 2012
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By LUCIAN SPRINGS — The City Council unanimously voted Tuesday night on a resolution expressing its love for the ballet.Saratoga Performing Arts Center announced earlier this month that next year’s New York City Ballet residency in Saratoga Springs would be cut in half, to one week. That is the second shearing of a week from the NYC Ballet’s summer schedule in three years.The council voted Tuesday on a motion urging SPAC to maintain the two-week stay of the ballet.“I have great concern that we’re in danger of losing the ballet at SPAC,” said Michele Madigan who proposed the motion. “I think it’s very important. It’s part of the culture of Saratoga; the arts of Saratoga.”The motion emphasizes the city’s support of the arts, SPAC and the NYC Ballet and endorses a “two week minimum summer residency for the New York City Ballet Company at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.”The NYC Ballet as well as the Philadelphia Orchestra have been staples in the SPAC season since 1966.“It’s certainly an issue worth fighting for,” said Public Works Commissioner Anthony “Skip” Scirocco. “It would really be a detriment to not have either one of those entities at SPAC.”Several members of the public also spoke on behalf of the ballet, including a former dancer with the NYC Ballet and a SPAC board member.Leslie Kettlewell said she has been working at SPAC in one capacity or another since she was a teenager. “I’m still an usher,” she said. She warned that the NYC Ballet seems to have its season whittled further and further down each year. “Soon the orchestra will be gone,” she said. “These problems are not insurmountable. I think this is a great opportunity for the community to pull together to help save the ballet.”Reached by phone Tuesday, SPAC President and CEO Marcia White said she, too, supports the NYC Ballet but said the financial structure of the organizations’ relationship is unsustainable. Continued...12See Full Story“The NYC Ballet and SPAC are in the same position and want the same thing,” she said. “The question is about the economics.”White said SPAC and the NYC Ballet will be working together to address the issue of money, which she said they both lose with the current arrangement and she hopes to bring the NYC Ballet back for two weeks in 2014. “That’s the goal,” she said.“Time are difficult,” Madigan said during the meeting, “but the arts are something that should be supported.” 12See Full Story 123See Full Story1234See Full Story

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