Friday, March 09, 2012

more of our historic trees being cut down in saratoga spa state park to make golfers happy.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Saratoga Spa State Park employees are clearing trees to make life better for area golfers this summer.

A number of evergreens have been cut to enhance air circulation and let more sunlight in, which are needed to promote healthy turf.

“This is the third year in a row we’ve done a tree project,” said Robert Kuhn, assistant regional parks director.

Current work involves thinning a tree line between the 13th and 14th fairways, to the left of Avenue of the Pines, when entering the park from Route 9.

“It will allow more sun on the 13th fairway,” Kuhn said. “There will still be a tree line. We’re taking out a lot of softwoods and leaving the hardwoods.”

No trees on Avenue of the Pines trees have been or will be cut, he said.

Two years ago, workers did a much larger tree-clearing job in the heart of the front nine near the eighth tee. “A lot of trees between the eighth tee and the fairway behind it were taken out,” Kuhn said.

Last year, crews took down trees near the clubhouse for safety reasons, concerned the trees might topple over in a storm.

“The response we’ve gotten from golfers is that there’s been a noticeable difference in turf quality,” he said. “Aesthetics of the park aren’t being compromised.”

No date has been set for opening the park’s golf courses, however the lack of snow could result in an early start, possibly by the second or third week of April, Kuhn said.

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