Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hoosick removes senator bruno from town park, Times Union,1/1/10. Will Saratoga follow suit at the spring in the State Park?

Down goes the name

Well before the results of our little poll were in, the Hoosick Town Board was already moving away from Bruno.

While other organizations have balked at stripping Bruno's name from public facilities, on Tuesday night the four Democrats and one Republican on the board voted 5-0 to drop the ex-senator's moniker from the town park and re-christen it the Coach Ken Baker Memorial Sports Center.

While Bruno may have held the key to the state's treasure, Baker held the hearts of the Hoosick Falls community.

Baker, who died Jan. 2, 2008 at the age of 69, was a successful football and wrestling coach at Hoosick Falls High School as well as Columbia and Cambridge high schools. He also was a lifeguard and taught swimming at the pool in the park.

"People had talked about it. It's named after a person who was part of the park,'' said Supervisor Marilyn Douglas, a Democrat whose last day in office was Dec. 31.

The name change came at the last meeting before the Republicans take a 4 to 1 majority on the board. Administration changes seem to have an impact on the park's name. Prior to Douglas taking over in 2000, the outgoing administration named the park for Bruno.

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