Thursday, November 05, 2009

blog gets a review in the times union


I mentioned my own blog – Fun in Saratoga – in my comments about the Saratoga Seen blog. I try to keep my blog positive and focused from the viewpoint of a resident who loves the track and loves living here. Unfortunately my love for this great city can be adversely affected by…let’s just say often less than adequate performance of certain entities such as NYRA, City Hall, certain newspapers, certain restaurants etc. so I will occasionally express my displeasure about my experiences with them but more often than not I’m simply trying to express my joy about living in such a wonderful place that I hope to never leave.
I want to mention the All Over Albany blog here, simply because those bloggers make an honest effort to include Saratoga Springs in their coverage. They do a good job covering a wide area around the Capital District and I like their fun style. Their nickname for the blogger who writes the I-Saratoga Blog (mentioned below) is “His crankiness”. Funny. Recently, they have been posting information about a Tournament of Pizza challenge in various Capital region cities, including Saratoga Springs.
The Save the Victoria Pool Society blog is full of passion and love for that beautiful pool and the encompassing Saratoga Spa State Park. It can get a little testy on that blog – both from the blogger end as well as the comments. I respect this(these) blogger(s) because the blog is full of passion and there are no punches pulled when it comes to exposing instances of States Park & Rec and/or other entities not respecting the pool and the park.
There are two blogs listed here that have stunningly beautiful nature photography and Saratoga Woods and Waterways is one of them. The blogger travels the natural areas in the county from Congress Park to the Adirondack Park and is passionate about what she finds and takes incredible photography of beautiful works of nature from the tiniest flowers and insects to beautiful lakes and mountains. Her love for what she finds and her talent in photographing it will lift up your day every time. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.


VictoriousVictorian said...

i-Saratoga is a great blogger. this blog is full of copy and pasted stories. I wish I could have a blog full of online stories that I copied and pasted and get rave reviews. I think I could go to google news type in Saratoga Spa State Park and get the same returns in a more coherent order and with actual photos attached to stories. You haven't written any actual blog entries in months. For shame.

Anonymous said...

uh ohh VV is back and spitting and sputtering again