Thursday, July 23, 2009

Victoria Pool needs more chairs on sunny days. Good suggestion from Victoria pool patrons.

Victoria Pool should have enough stackable chairs for Capacity crowd instead of using Park Rangers who can be much more useful in other ways than acting as chair police. Parks just spent $15,000 on chairs for the Ice Cream Parlour at Victoria Pool. Obviously, the cost of pool chairs would be much less and free up the Park Rangers for important duties.


Anonymous said...

It's a public swimming pool with bargain prices. First come first serve get over it! And those rangers wouldn't have to waste their time if people would act like civilized human beings instead of animals and hog all the chairs. Your society is more guilty than anyone of hogging chairs. Bring your own!

Anonymous said...

Ha there she is silent again, that's because Louise J. Goldstein doesn't have the guts to confront the truth. Assinine accusations with no basis are her strong suit.

You can't handle the truth said...

We pay our Park Police 90000 dollars a year or more. Now they want Tazers and stun guns what a joke. Just one more step on the journey to a police state.

Don't believe me go to

Rivenburgh, Steven Parks, Park Police Recreation and Historic Preservation Annual $93,696

Sadousky, Jack Parks,Park Police Recreation and Historic Preservation Annual $94,967

And then the Parks cry poverty. DISGRACEFULL.

Anonymous said...

Here's a question, though. Do you really think anyone on an administrative level at Saratoga has control over park police salaries? I am sure that those salaries are based on some complex bureaucratic formula, and distributed at a much higher level than regional management. I highly doubt that the Park Manager at Saratoga could redistribute Sadousky's salary to pay for chairs for spoiled pool-goers. There may be a problem with park police salaries, but you cannot blame SSSSP management for that.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, all police salaries in New York State are arrived at by binding arbitration and have nothing to do with OPRHP.

As far as the tazers go, i'm sure if you were the young woman being assaulted at the Dave Matthews concert you would feel differently about whether police should have them.

Anonymous said...

Louise J. Goldstein and her followers care about no one but themselves.