Saturday, December 20, 2008

2 views on SPAC decision to shorten NYCBallet season to 2 wks. in 2009

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Dance continues to be important at SPAC
Published: Friday, December 19, 2008

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Two recent letters to the editor have compared the recent decision to shorten the New York City Ballet's 2009 SPAC season to the effort by the previous administration in 2004 to eliminate the residency. I believe the comparison is misplaced for several reasons.

The 2004 effort to eliminate the residency would have effectively ended the 40-year partnership between SPAC and the New York City Ballet, one of our founding companies. In contrast, the current decision preserves the ballet's summer residency, and with it the opportunity for SPAC audiences to continue to experience the artistry of one of the world's premier dance companies. It is also important to note that the 2004 decision was made by SPAC's prior president and board without the support of the ballet. Yet the decision to shorten the ballet's 2009 SPAC season was presented by the New York City Ballet and then approved by SPAC's board.

Given the current economic uncertainties, both the ballet and SPAC felt a shorter and less costly season made sense at this time. One benefit of the shorter program will be the opportunity to expand the diversity of SPAC's dance programming. Recognizing this region's rich dance heritage and devoted following, we are committed to adding new dance programming in what would have been the third week of the ballet. Expanding the variety of SPAC's programming in both dance and music is a goal that we have steadily pursued in recent years, and that will continue to be a priority in 2009.


President and Executive Director

Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Letter: SPAC needs wake-up call if it is going to fill seats

Saturday, December 20, 2008 5:16 AM EST

My sister recently tried to buy a gift certificate to SPAC for me as a Christmas present, knowing the loss of half-price tickets for memberships and the elimination of other discounts such as entertainment book coupons by SPAC management had forced us to severely curtail our trips to the NYCB and the Philadelphia Orchestra.

What should have been a simple process became an exercise in frustration when the Web site directed her to a phone number that was left unanswered and messages unreturned, and finally a mailing directing her to buy a membership, something I refuse to do until SPAC takes a more realistic approach to their ticket prices.

Finally, in frustration, my sister called Proctors who answered the phone in one ring and were both helpful and gracious in her procurement for a gift certificate. I think SPAC needs a wake up call; their customer service is appalling, their prices are outrageous and I feel the loss of one week of the ballet is only the beginning. I wonder if all the rock show patrons will appreciate the muti-million dollar new paint job. If only that money was used to subsidize ticket prices, the seats might be filled again.

John Tighe



Anonymous said...

I hope MARCIA J. WHITE doesn’t hurt her hand patting herself on the back.

Anonymous said...

He’s right PROCTORS has many coupons in the entertainment book and all of their shows including their BROADWAY and OPERA shows have plentiful 25 dollar tickets. They also have their own box office and no TICKETMASTER service charges.

Do you read this MARCIA? No service fees and the right to exchange tickets a concept that seems alien to you. Not to mention 2 dollar cokes and 4 dollar wine.

Even the Times Union center in Albany and the Civic Center in Glens Fall seems to understand the severity of the economic situation and just had two very successful 2 for one ticket offers.

Wake up MARCIA.

Anonymous said...

I agree White and the Dakes must be the biggest self congratulatory group of elitists this side of Manhattan.

I have always liked the expression a big fish in a little pond and that seems to describe this board of SPAC perfectly. They will accept no idea that wasn’t theirs,they widely overestimate the spending power of the vast majority of the locals and they are unwilling to except the fact that ticket prices are out of line. Free tickets for the children are nice but 18 dollars to sit in the dirt [THAT WAS A LAWN BEFORE THE DAVE MATHEWS BAND FANS TORE IT UP] is a little high Bill no matter what your friends at your parties tell you.

Anonymous said...

You all must be on the wrong blog, this isn't the "Save SPAC Society" website.

save the victoria pool society said...

Save the Victoria Pool Society has always had a holistic mission approach towards Saratoga Spa State Park including the Victoria Pool, SPAC and all of the parks components. Since the Park is located in the city of Saratoga Springs our mission includes anything of importance to the health and well-being of Saratoga.

"Of or relating to holism.

Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.
Concerned with wholes rather than analysis or separation into parts: holistic medicine; holistic ecology."

Anonymous said...

SNAP!! you told them, Lou. This blog has always talked about all things Saratoga and all things local!!!!!!!!

Jim said...

Questions that bother me so.

Today I see SPAC has but up links on their website to buy gift certificates,

Why did it take so long Christmas is here?

Did it really take Mr Tygue to point out the fact that their was no link to get you to act?

Are you that far out of touch with the day to day off season operations that you didn’t notice?

Am I correct in assuming you have a full time position?

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for people like Jim and Lou the monsters at SPAC and the Spa would still be terrorizing everyone.

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here looking at my beautiful christmas ornaments laid out on the mantle, I would love for a Saratoga Park/ Victoria pool one to accompany these. The hospitals have sold ornaments for years, why hasnt the park? I think that all the people that are close with the park should suggest it. It would certainly be bought by Park lovers!! I love theidea that VV propsed in the post before. We should make this a reality. Merry Christmas Saratoga!! and Happy Holidays!!

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that Bill Dake {of the Stewarts empire} does not seem to grasp the basic concept of Business 101, if a product doesn’t sell you lower the price. I can only what with dismay as SPAC’s board run it into the ground, it is like watching the proverbial train wreck in slow motion.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Save the Victoria Pool Society could produce the longed-for Victoria Pool ornaments themselves and sell them as a fund raiser for their beloved pool, instead of just asking to be catered to.