Friday, September 05, 2008

Not a moments too soon for NYS Parks to develop a Senior Lifeguard Corps for next Memorial Day

NYS Parks could actually develop a senior lifeguard program probably with the Y and easily solve the personnel shortage. Just check out the Y pool all year long. Certainly the Victoria Pool is primarily for adults and a senior life guard corps would be a great addition. Below are general qualifications for Senior Lifeguard._



Under general supervision, an employee in this class supervises and assigns the work of Lifeguards at a public beach or swimming pool. Work includes conducting regular swimming, lifesaving and artificial resuscitation exercises to maintain maximum efficiency and physical fitness of Lifeguards. The employee may assume complete responsibility for lifeguard operations in a small public swimming area, or assist in supervising a large swimming facility. Work is reviewed by a Chief Lifeguard or administrator through the observation of swimming area activities, daily consultations and reports. Does related work as required.


Plans and supervises the work of Lifeguards assigned to a small public beach or swimming pool, or assists in the supervision of a lifeguard program at a large public beach;

Maintains physical fitness and efficiency of Lifeguards by allotting time for daily swimming, rowing, running and lifesaving exercises; assists or conducts an in-service training program for Lifeguards;

Assigns Lifeguards to routine beach maintenance patrols to dispose of debris, when this does not interfere with bathers' safety;

Enforces the rules and regulations relating to beach or pool areas; resolves disputes between Lifeguards and patrons and refers more difficult problems to the appropriate authorities;

Keeps abreast of the latest lifesaving techniques and methods;

Keeps time records on employees; prepares routine and emergency activity reports.


Thorough knowledge of lifesaving and resuscitation methods and first-aid techniques; thorough knowledge of facility rules and regulations; skill in pool and surf swimming, lifesaving and first-aid techniques, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation; ability to plan, supervise and direct the work of Lifeguards in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale; ability to establish and carry out preventive water safety precautions, to recognize emergencies and to take effective action; ability to establish and maintain effective public relations; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


Two (2) seasons' experience as a Lifeguard.


1) t the time of appointment, candidates must possess or have possessed a certificate as a Lifeguard appropriate for the facility to which the incumbent is assigned, issued by the Suffolk County Department of Health Services or a New York State Department of Health approved testing agency.

2) t the time of appointment, candidates must possess a certificate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, issued by the American Red Cross or Heart Association within the last year.


Anonymous said...

The Victoria Pool is not "primarily" for adults- in fact, every summer you moan about the plight of the Saratoga children who are deprived of the pool. If you want to whine, keep your stories straight.

Anonymous said...

Look up "hypocrite" in the dictionary and you will find this society's photo right next to it.

Anonymous said...

Look up "incompetent" in a dictionary and you’re see a picture of the Park administration building.

Anonymous said...

why don't you idiots just use the YMCA pool when the vic. isn't open?

Anonymous said...

"why don't you idiots just use the YMCA pool when the vic. isn't open?"

Because they don't "own" the YMCA pool and they don't have lounge chairs with their permanent indentations on that pool deck.