Sunday, April 20, 2008

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Victoria Pool in Saratoga Spa State Park should open on Memorial Day 1 Signatures

Published by vicpool on Apr 19, 2008
Category: Health
Region: United States of America
Target: patrons of the Victoria Pool and Saratoga Spa State Park
Web site:
Save the Victoria Pool Society
Location: Saratoga Springs, New York, United States

Save The Victoria Pool Society is a grass-roots group formed in June 2003 to restore, maintain and preserve the Historic Victoria Pool and Saratoga Spa State Park with its architectural treasures opened July 26, 1935.

The Victoria Pool was known originally as the Recreation Center then the Spa Pool and sometimes The Pool in the Pines. In December 2003, Parks Commissioner Bernadette Castro announced that $1.5 million would be spent on the restoration of the Victoria Pool over the next two years.

Senator Bruno and Assemblyman Tedisco, our local federal, state and city elected officials also helped to get the money to rehabilitate the Victoria Pool. Warren Holliday, Regional Director, was in charge of the restoration. With the election of Governor Spitzer the Parks Commissioner is now Carol Ash. In March 2008,Alane Ball Chinian, became the new Regional Director under Governor Patterson.

Current Board members are: Louise, Andrew, Stanton, Carole, Maureen, Barbara, Roger, Doug, Paul, Peter, Virginia&Ed,Anita, Bob, Holly, Rick,Tom.
We, the undersigned, call on the New York State Parks Department to open the newly restored Victoria Pool in Saratoga Spa State Park, Saratoga Springs, NY from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Save the Victoria Pool Society and the Undersigned:
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Anonymous said...

At this moment, what is the planned opening date of the Victoria and Peerless Pools?

save the victoria pool society said...

We hear the Victoria and Peerless pools are scheduled to open very late in June.

Anonymous said...

So what's the problem? Technically the summer doesn't begin until June 20th.

save the victoria pool society said...

In this Northern climate losing June is one-third of the summer.
Many local kids are able to go to college working summer jobs at the Spa. Not all Saratogians are rich enough to afford their own swimming pool. Saratoga Springs has no city pool unlike most cities in America.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but what you fail to mention, Louise, is how the pools in the park open the weekend after most local elementary schools get out for summer- perfect timing for the children of Saratoga who you care so much about.

save the victoria pool society said...

Many high school kids would be more than grateful to work at the Park&Pool on weekends.

Nightwing said...

They can work in the park on the toll booths.

And while we're on the subject of elementary school kids I think it would be a great idea if they built a playground on that side patch of grass by the tennis courts. That way the place would be more family friendly and people wouldn't be mislead into thinking the place is a private country club for adults only. Not everyone wants to pay the $6 park entrance fee to get to the Peerless and then pay again for the pool entrance fee so they could save money by bringing their children to the Victoria. Wouldn't it be wonderful having all those kids romping around experiencing the same classic and treasured moments you all claimed to have experienced.

save the victoria pool society said...

It is sad there is any Park entry fees since our tax dollars already pay for the Parks in NYS.

Nightwing said...

That's a very ignorant and uninformed thing to say.

Steve C said...

But we do pay for all the State Parks with our Tax Dollars. Why do we have to pay for this State Park.
We "own the cow, and pay for the milk??"
If they lowered the price of the park and the pools.. more children in Saratoga could go.
We want to take care of our own.. not just focus on tourists.
Saratogians should be glad they have such a wonderful park within it's reach.
We just need to get more involved in the Park.
I think the Victoria Pool Society is at least doing something.
Keep working Louise !!

Steve C.

Anonymous said...

If you think things are deteriorating now, wait to see what things would look like if the revenue stream was cut off.

Have you never heard of "user fees"? I would much rather have those of us that use the facilities pay a fee than have our taxes increased to pay the total cost. You should also keep in mind that this is a STATE park, not a city park. Those "tourists" as Steve C. calls them, help pay whether it is thru fees or NYS taxes.