Saturday, November 10, 2007

Election results for Saratoga Springs 2007, Glad to have it over at last!

www.capitalnews9.comSaratogians react to election resultsUpdated: 11/7/2007 2:50:05 PMBy: Erin Billups

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. -- It's clear in the headlines that Election Day resulted in huge upsets for the City of Saratoga Springs. A lot of change is in store and residents are looking forward to the future.
"Change, I voted against everybody that was in office because I didn't care for what they did," said Bob Eckhart of Saratoga Springs.
The biggest shocker - DPW Commissioner Tom McTygue is out, unseated after 32 years in office. Residents suggest years of alleged corruption may have caught up with him.
"DEC cleanup on the west side, illegal dumping over at the compost pile, just financially he runs the DPW ridiculous," said Chris Bennett of Saratoga Springs.
"You can't judge a book by its cover, and the cover was Saratoga Springs and the beautification and the awards and everything else that he wanted you to see. But he actually didn't want you to see what was happening in the inner works of the department," said DPW laborer and Saratoga Springs resident Frank Barone.
McTygue will be replaced by Republican Skip Scirocco. The upset comes hours after allegations that the McTygue camp was involved in an election day sign stealing fiasco.
"I guess he didn't pick up enough signs," said Eckhart.
Scirocco never pressed charges, and the case is closed. But on election night, McTygue knew the end was near.
"I didn't know when to cut and run, and I had to go out this way. It's unfortunate, but we've been very successful in this community. You know, it's like a true thoroughbred. Eventually if they put enough weight on your shoulders, you're going to lose the race," said McTygue.
The other surprise was Spa City Mayor Valerie Keehn's loss to Republican candidate Scott Johnson. It was a three-way race with Gordon Boyd running on the Independent ticket. Keehn supporters said Boyd spilt the vote. Others say it's another example of change.
"I guess she couldn't make a decision, somebody's got to make decisions down there," said Saratoga Springs resident John Anderson.
"Skip Sirocco came in, kicks out McTygue which is really important to the city, but unfortunately Keehn doesn't get two years to do what she really needs to do," said Bennett.
So now city council has two new Republicans and the majority. Residents are hopeful it all adds up to progress.
"Well I know both of them. I think they're gonna do well," said Anderson.
"I think they have the right team, that they'll listen to each other and they'll work for the city," said Barone.Copyright © 2007 TWEAN d.b.a. Capital News 9

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