Monday, June 25, 2007

Victoria Pool is open every day with huge crowds

Brief Update: The Pool looks gorgeous and the flowers are just beautiful. The attitude of staff is superb and they are all wonderful from the lifeguards to the Locker people to the pool operators. Everything seems to be geared towards making the pool patrons welcome and happy which we greatly appreciate and value. The water is crystal clear and more umbrellas are in transit we hear. Any requests from pool patrons are taken care of with all possible speed and with a cheerful friendly demeanor. The waitstaff at Catherine's are first rate and come over and ask people if they need anything at the lounges before they even get to the tables. Save the Victoria Pool Society is thrilled with all the positive changes. A seachange seems to be in the works for Saratoga Spa State Park. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

wheres the man who wears the womens bathing outfit? I havent seen him this season

save the victoria pool society said...

"bikini man" was at the pool, Wed., 6/27 but not in his bikini.

Boxer said...

There's a blessing