Friday, June 16, 2006

Now Saratoga Spa State Park is saying they probably will not open the Victoria Pool until 6/24/06. Down whose drain has the $1.5 million gone?


CHicks Dig Hicks. said...

i think that all you do is talk about that 1.5 million dollars.

give them a break lady.

Professor Carrington said...

chicks dig hicks is right. Give them a break. There is absolutely no indication that a single cent of that money was wasted. Just because the water isn't clear ten seconds after it goes into the pool doesn't mean anything was wasted. Also, you make it sound like just because all that money went into the restoration that the place is now protected by some magic force. Things are going to go wrong no matter how much money is spent. And while we're on the subject, I think some of that 1.5 million sould have gone for some "face lifts" to other sections of the park. The Victoria Pool isn't the only "beloved" part of that place.